In four quick years, Palm Angels has gone from a new kid on the block to a global disrupter, demolishing the line of luxury and hype and creating an atmosphere all its own in the process.

Fall, which was shown in New York City for the first time (Palm Angels normally shows in Milan). At West Chelsea’s Cedar Lake space, a complex light show pierced the room with militant timing, faux-Greek statues were hidden behind mirrored-glass cubes, and Marilyn Manson’s “The Dope Show” thudded with gritty, lip-curling menace through the sound system. An ardent crowd turned out, so much so that some surprise invitees, selected through a giveaway that Ragazzi put up on Instagram, boarded last-minute transatlantic flights just to catch the event. All of this ties into the aforementioned: The man knows damn well how to manifest his vision and, in tandem, manufacture hype around it. The bigger the better.

N. Remsen, Vogue Runway