'Elegance is what I am after for Rochas. Elegance of a soft, masculine kind: easy and not overtly manicured. My aim is to create something with substance and soul.'

A tale of two cities — Florence and Paris — is integral to every aspect of the project, from creativity to production. “In envisioning the Rochas man, I immediately thought of Paris,” says Curradi, sitting in the Tuscan capital, where he runs a small studio-atelier and his namesake label. “Paris for me is the essence of Rochas, a place of beauty and elegance all around," he continues. "I kept thinking of the Paris of artists such as Amedeo Modigliani or Constantin Brancusi: flâneurs who drenched their eyes with endless forays across the neighbourhoods and the arrondissements, but also hermits who spent weeks in the atelier creating."

A. Flaccavento, The Business Of Fashion